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From Little Jack Horner to the 3 Little Kittens and Georgie Porgie, pies have been a part of Americana and our childhood memories.  Pies actually date back to Egyptian, Greek and Roman times and came to America with the European settlers.


It conjures up memories of mom, picnics, family gatherings and comfort.

Sadly, pie making and eating has lost some of  its popularity for more ‘fancy desserts’

My memories of pie come from my grandmother and mom who made pies every week  and for family gatherings.

Anne (pronounced Ann-ay) is the Turkish word for mother, which we learned from living there for many years. It is also the word my family uses for Grandma!

In the fast food world of artisan and international foods, there are few traditional pie and ice cream options and we long for the childhood days of pie and ice cream for dessert.

This is where we started thinking about Anne’s a la mode.  We found a couple of vintage ‘canned ham’-shaped trailers. And settled on a vintage  1969  Yellowstone camping trailer to re-model into a pie and ice cream food trailer.

Watch our progress





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